Arjun Athreya investigates biological markers of disease, including triple negative breast cancer

Dr. Richard Weinshilboum and Arjun Athreya at ASCPT 2017

Big data analytics has endless possibilities in health care. Through data analysis, scientists can determine subtypes of diseases, as well as how drug treatments will influence individual patient prognoses. Arjun Athreya, a CSL PhD student in electrical and computer engineering, works at the forefront of this precision medicine work with Mayo Clinic.

His research is part of the Mayo-Illinois Alliance, which combines researchers from the University of Illinois and Mayo Clinic to promote a broad spectrum of collaborative research for the development of new technologies and clinical tools for individualized medicine. Athreya, advised by CSL’s Ravi Iyer, works with Mayo Clinic researchers and data to advance several areas of precision medicine, including breast cancer, depression, and diabetes treatment.

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