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DEPEND Group 2021 Summer Picnic
CREATE Center Launched
Illinois and Mayo Clinic team up to develop improved method to identify seizure-causing regions in the brain
Artificial intelligence: Will a machine pick your next medication?
Hui Lin and committee after PhD Defense
ECE Department Head Bill Sanders with Arjun Athreya and Ravi Iyer
Homa Alemzadeh, recipient of William Carter Award with advisors Ravi Iyer and Zbigniew Kalbarczyk
Professor Iyer with PhD Graduates Zachary Estrada and Cuong Pham
Dr. Richard Weinshilboum and Arjun Athreya at ASCPT 2017
Congratulations to Arjun Athreya on his best paper award from BDCAT 2016!
Dr. Estrada, the Estrada family, thesis committee and DEPEND members after his final exam
DEPEND members celebrating Homa’s Hooding and Commencement ceremony at Prof. Iyer’s residence
Heidi Leerkamp, our group’s program manager with DEPEND members after receiving the CSL Academic Professional Award
Group’s pre-summer gathering at Bangkok Thai for Yellow Curry Day tradition.
Prof. Iyer co-hosting Infosys co-founder and recipient of Honorary Doctorate from UIUC, Dr. N.R. Narayana Murthy in ECEB on May 13, 2016. Also in the picture, Pradeep Khanna, Associate Chancellor for Corporate and International Relations.
Homa with DEPEND group after her successful defense!
Spring 2015 Retreat Dinner
DEPEND group at Daniel’s wedding reception! Sep 6, 2014

The DEPEND group focuses on the research, design, and validation of highly available, reliable, and trustworthy computing systems and networks. The research has two main branches in reliability and security, and health analytics and systems.

The group comprises members from the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, whose expertise spans across hardware and low-level architectures, operating systems and virtualization, cyber-physical systems, health informatics (embedded medical devices, personalized health-care, genomics) and big-data analytics. With a strong experimental focus, we develop techniques and methods that are tested on real systems or verified with actual production data.

Our current collaborations include several industry partners and research institutions; for example, IBM, Cray, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia-Bell Labs, Los Alamos National Lab, NERSC, Sandia National Labs, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, and the National Security Agency. For health-related research, we collaborate with Mayo Clinic, the National University Hospital in Singapore, and with industry partners from technical and pharma industries such as Strand Life Sciences, Abbott and Eli Lilly. In the past we had also important collaborations with Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), HP, Motorola, Boeing.

Call for undergrads!
We have a great history of success with undergraduates.
Get in touch with our research members forĀ a brilliant research experience. Visit the “Working with undergraduates” page for the latest updates!


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