Ravishankar K. Iyer
George and Ann Fisher Distinguished
Professor of Engineering

Zbigniew T. Kalbarczyk
Research Professor, CSL

Kathleen Atchley
Research Program Manager

             Shannon Weick                 Research Program Manager

Mosbah Aouad
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Phuong Cao
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Yurui Cao
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Chang Hu
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Archit Patke
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Anirudh Choudhary
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Haoran Qiu
Ph.D. Candidate, CS
Krishnakant Saboo
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE
Harshitha Sreejith
Ph.D. Candidate, ECE

Shengkun Cui

Ph.D. Candidate


Pranav Dorbala

Ph.D. Candidate

Jack Chen
Ph.D. Candidate

Haiyang Zhang
Master’s Student, ECE

Parth Tyagi
John Pohovey

Undergraduates page:

Working with undergraduates

Recent Alumni:

  • January 2022 Wael Mobeirek, Master’s in CS
  • May 2022 Subho Banerjee, Ph.D. in CS:  Google – Software Engineer LinkedIn
  • December 2021 Key-whan Chung, Ph.D. in ECE:  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Cyber Security Data Scientist LinkedIn
  • December 2021 Saurabh Jha, Ph.D. in CS:  IBM Research – Research Scientist LinkedIn
  • December 2021 Zachary Stephens, Ph.D. in ECE: Mayo Clinic – Postdoc
  • December 2020 James Cyriac, M.S. in ECE: Microsoft – Software Engineer
  • April 2020 Dr. Yogatheesan Varatharajah, Ph.D. in ECE: Research Assistant Professor – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign LinkedIn
  • December 2018 Lavin Devnani, M.S. in ECE: NVIDIA – Senior System Software Engineer
  • December 2018 Sharon Tang, M.S. in ECE: Microsoft – Software Engineer
  • November 2018 Dr. Arjun Athreya, Ph.D. in ECE: Research Professor – Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science LinkedIn
  • August 2018 Ching Yang Tan, M.S. in ECE: NVIDIA – Verification Engineer
  • August 2017 Dr. Hui Lin, Ph.D. in ECE: University of Nevada, Reno LinkedIn
  • August 2017 Fei Deng, M.S. in ECE: Yahoo, Inc.
  • August 2016 Dr. Zachary Estrada, Ph.D. in ECE: Assistant Professor – Rose Hulman Institute of Technology LinkedIn
  • Feb 2016 Dr. Homa Alemzadeh, Ph.D. in ECE: Assistant Professor, University of Virginia LinkedIn
  • Dec 2015 Eric Badger, B.S., M.S. in ECE: Yahoo Inc
  • Nov 2015 Dr. Cuong Pham, M.S., Ph.D. in ECE: Anduin Transactions
  • May 2015 Gary Wang, B.S., M.S. in ECE: MIT Lincoln Labs
  • May 2015 Ted Zihao Hong, B.S., M.S. in ECE: Snapchat
  • Dec 2014 Qingkun Li, M.S. in ECE: Apple Inc