Top CSL Story of 2019

An article written about the work of Yogatheesan Varatharajah, Krishnakant Saboo, Chang Hu, and Professor Ravishankar Iyer, has been awarded the Top CSL Story of 2019. This was based on the number of clicks the article received on the CSL website. This is the second year in a row that members of the DEPEND group have been awarded top CSL story!

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CSL Researchers Develop Tools to Aid in Alzheimer’s Diagnosis and Prognosis

Yoga Varatharajah, Krishnakant Saboo, Chang Hu, and their peers at the DEPEND research group have been working on developing a set of tools that can predict the progression of Alzheimer. They recently had a paper published in Scientific Reports that discusses their work using machine learning methods to analyze and predict a patient’s progression. Read more about their work in this article published by the CSL.

Krishnakant Saboo
Yoga Varatharajah








Arjun P. Athreya, Ph.D., Develops Technology to Improve Depression Diagnoses

Photo from Mayo Clinic Magazine Website

DEPEND graduate Arjun P. Athreya has developed a system for the Mayo Clinic to use that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve diagnoses for depression. Featured both on the ECE Illinois and Mayo Clinic Magazine website, Dr. Athreya’s work will help to increase treatment prognoses precision.

Read the Mayo Clinic Magazine article here.

Read the ECE Illinois article here.

STRN Publishes Article on DEPEND Group’s Platform for Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Ravi Iyer, Saurabh Jha, and Subho Banerjee were all quoted in a recent article by Science & Technology Research News – click here to read. The article covered the work that our researchers have done testing the safety of autonomous vehicles through AI and machine learning.

“Using AI to improve autonomous vehicles is extremely hard because of the complexity of the vehicle’s electrical and mechnical components, as well as variability in external conditions, such as weather, road conditions, topography, traffic patterns, and lighting” -Ravi Iyer from STRN article, CSL Researchers Develop Platform for Scalable Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Safety

ScienceDaily Article on DEPEND Group’s Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Recently, a ScienceDaily article was published covering the work that the DEPEND group has done with AI, machine learning, and autonomous technology. The article points out the difficulties that come with type of research and the importance of completing it properly. Steve Keckler, vice president of Architecture Research for NVIDIA, is quotes in the article, “the safety of autonomous vehicles is critical to their success in the marketplace and in society”. Check out the article here.


CSL Researchers Create Platform for Testing of Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Professor Ravi Iyer and DEPEND group researchers have had their work on autonomous vehicle safety highlighted in an article that you can read here. The group is working on “a platform that enables companies to more quickly and cost-effectively address safety in the complex and ever-changing environment of autonomous technology”. Make sure to check out this YouTube video that demonstrates what the group’s simulations look like!


Forbes Article Cites Dr. Liewei Wang and Depend Group Researchers

In a recent Forbes article about how machine learning is helping to craft precision medicine, the work of Dr. Liewei Wang (of the Mayo Clinic and CCBGM) and of many Depend Group researchers, was cited. In the article, the collaborative efforts between the Mayo Clinic, the Depend Group, and others was highlighted by their 2017 paper which you can read here.

To read the full Forbes article click here.

Dr. Liewei Wang